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Voters are Educated, but these Contenders are Relegated to the 9th District (Part 2 of 5)

February 23, 2010

By John C.

District 9 is a gritty little sci-fi film from first-time director Neil Blomkamp. It serves as a harsh metaphor for South Africa during the Apartheid era, and that is surely what attracted voters to the film, despite the graphic violence.

Though the film doesn’t really have a shot at winning Best Picture, Blomkamp should be proud of this nomination. After all, this is only his first film. One can only imagine what he will come out with next.

District 9 is nominated for 4 Oscars.

An Education is a wonderful film. But it’s modest setting and story are not up to facing one of the bigger, “more important” titles. While its scope may not be that of an actual Best Picture winner, I’ll always fondly remember it as one of the nominees.

At one point, Carey Mulligan was the predicted winner of Best Actress, but that’s a race that also includes once-front runner Gabourey Sidibe, Meryl Streep, and predicted-winner Sandra Bullock.

An Education is nominated for 3 Oscars.

(Part 1) Avatar so Popular, that other Contenders are Blind Sided

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