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DVD Review: Gentlemen Broncos

March 30, 2010

Gentlemen Broncos – A Fox Searchlight Pictures’ Release

DVD Release Date: March 2nd, 2010

Rated PG for crude content.

Running time: 89 minutes

Jared Hess (dir.)

Jared Hess (writer)

Jerusha Hess (writer)

David Wingo (music)

Michael Angarano as Benjamin

Jemaine Clement as Chevalier

Jennifer Coolidge as Judith

Sam Rockwell as Bronco / Brutus

Our reviews below:


Gentlemen Broncos DVD Review By John C.

0 stars (out of 4)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got a kick out of the trailer for Gentlemen Broncos.  This film certainly had potential.  Well it would have had potential if the filmmakers had actually made a movie with any coherent sense of narrative structure, and not just produced this pile of trash.  Perhaps at least one true laugh would have helped as well.

It’s been advertised as the story of a home schooled teenager who has his sci-fi story stolen by a pompous writer.  Although it is more the story of a teenager who sells his idea to his amateur filmmaker friends, and in the last 20 minutes of the film realizes that it has been stolen by a famous writer.

From writer/director Jared Hess, who made Napoleon Dynamite, a film that I love, it makes you try and figure out why that one worked so well, and why this one doesn’t work at all.  Even Jennifer Coolidge, who’s usually hilarious but terribly not here, can’t save it.

Despite some mildly amusing bits of dialogue, a good opening few minutes and an inventive twist at the end, Gentlemen Broncos consistently sinks down to the lowest possible level.  Even a few semi-inspired song choices don’t make the ride any easier to take.

The comedy is nauseating, and the imagined sequences with Sam Rockwell are downright painful to watch.  Especially in disturbing, gross-out moments like a post-vomit kiss and a defecating snake, is the film really terrible.  All along the way, gross-out prevails, making this one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I can’t believe I didn’t see this in time to be able to include it on my worst list of last year.  Oh well, that’s what happens when you have clashing screenings.  But saying it’s one of the worst movies of last year, is a big understatement.  Right now I’m going to give this an honourable mention as one of the worst movies ever made – certainly that I’ve seen.  Truly awful.  It makes me a little sad to think that a movie could be this bad, so I’ll just stop here.

The DVD includes out takes, deleted scenes, and a behind the scenes featurette.


Gentlemen Broncos DVD Review By Erin V.

? (Put simply, I give this film a question mark, since even the word ‘star’ near this film doesn’t make much sense to me.)

I really found nothing redeeming about this film.  The trailer made it look like it may be amusing, but the actual product is nothing you would want to see.  It is disgusting at times, and utterly boring at others.  Nothing else really.  In the last few minutes, some semblance of a story idea seems to try to make itself known, but not very well and far too late.

My rating of a question mark is asking these questions:  Almost 200 people are credited on the film…  No one noticed that maybe this film shouldn’t have been made?  How did it get greenlit and distribution?  If I was working on this film, quitting would have seemed like a very viable option, or if I needed the money, begging that my name not be on the credit list, because of the embarrassment of being attached to it…

Don’t spend money on this movie – it is not worth it.  Don’t illegally download it either.  It’s certainly not worth breaking the law for, risking fines and jail time.  It’s probably easiest to just leave this one alone.  I usually try to find something good about a film, since it is someone’s project that they put time and money into, but this time, I just can’t.  I don’t get how it got made.


Gentlemen Broncos DVD Review By Nicole

0 stars (out of 4)

Don’t be fooled by the hilarious trailer, Gentlemen Broncos is one of the worst movies ever made.  While the plot seems promising, the story doesn’t even start until about 20 minutes from the end.  This movie, with disturbing crude “humour”, as well as being unfunny and too long, is a pile of snake poop.*  If you want to see a decent movie with a very similar plot, check out Big Fat Liar, starring Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti.

*The only likable performances are by the lynx and fox.


Gentlemen Broncos DVD Review By Maureen

1/4 star (out of 4)

Gentlemen Broncos has taught me a good lesson – don’t let the trailers fool you.  I thought this might have some comedic potential especially with Jennifer Coolidge in it.  It turns out that this is one of those films you would recommend every film student see – under the title “don’t do this in your movie”.  This is one film I won’t be watching again.


Gentlemen Broncos DVD Review By Tony

1/2 a star (out of 4)

Honoring our policy of clean language writing is challenging when it comes to reviewing Gentlemen Broncos.  It is so vile that I was even starting to question my affection for Napoleon Dynamite, the previous offering from the Hess partners that managed to make a virtue of its apparent ineptness. Between a promising few minutes at the beginning and the not bad final scenes, the middle 90% of the film is at best incomprehensible, almost never funny, and at worst so nauseating that empty popcorn bags should have been given out in the theatres.  For example, while spewing pink vomit as if from a fire hose is merely dumb, depictions of real vomit followed by a kiss or excrement-tipped blowgun darts are really disturbing, just as seeing a paper cut can be more cringe-inducing than a scene of fake mass destruction.

The best that can be said of the performance of Michael Angarano as the lead character Benjamin is that he was more expressive than Zach Braff in the overrated Garden State, but a film has to be really bad where even Jennifer Coolidge can’t get laughs.  I won’t waste our time attempting a synopsis.  At least Gentleman Broncos might appeal to those that still hail Tom Green as a comic genius.


Consensus: Though it had potential, Gentlemen Broncos is sadly a terrible film.  The nauseating, gross-out humour, sink it down to the lowest possible level. 1/8 of a star (Out of 4)

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  1. January 6, 2011 4:03 pm

    Just tries to be quirky, and odd while forgetting ever to be funny. It’s a bummer that the cast tries their hardest, because they are just let down by this dumb script.


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