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DVD Review: Tooth Fairy

May 4, 2010

Tooth Fairy – A 20th Century Fox Release

DVD Release Date: May 4th, 2010

Rated G

Running time: 101 minutes


Michal Lembeck (dir.)


Lowell Ganz (screenplay)

Babaloo Mandel (screenplay)

Joshua Sternin (screenplay)

Jeffrey Ventimilia (screenplay)

Randi Mayem Singer (screenplay)

Jim Piddock (story)


George S. Clinton (music)


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Derek Thompson / Tooth Fairy

Ashley Judd as Carly

Stephen Merchant as Tracy

Ryan Sheckler as Mick Donnelly

Seth MacFarlane as Ziggy

Julie Andrews as Lily


Our reviews below:


Tooth Fairy DVD Review By John C.

** (out of 4)

Tooth Fairy is a film not appropriate for families – it’s only appropriate for kids.  Kids of the age that still leave teeth under their pillows.  Dwayne Johnson plays Derek Thompson – a jerk who plays hockey under the name the tooth fairy due to the teeth he knocks out of his competitors.  When he nearly tells his daughter there is no tooth fairy, he is sentenced to 2 weeks collecting teeth.


Though it will be enjoyed by kids, for adults this is a sometimes lame, usually predictable and mostly boring way to spend 101 minutes.  Even an inspired cameo by Billy Crystal can’t save it.  But on the flipside, this will be immensely enjoyed by kids, and has absolutely no objectionable content that would make parents think otherwise before renting.


The DVD includes a couple of games, and a trailer for Flicka 2 – also on DVD today from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.  It is also available to buy as a DVD/Blu-Ray combo-pack.


Tooth Fairy DVD Review By Erin V.

**1/4 (out of 4)

In Tooth Fairy, Dwayne Johnson plays Derek Thompson, and gets to be both a rough hockey player, and run around with fairy wings on his back.  This premise – while to adults just seems utterly stupid, to kids will be amusing.  The only scene adults may want to look in at what the kids are watching for, is Billy Crystal’s ‘gadget’ scene.  It’s a silly one, but at least funny.  The rest of the movie those over 10 will surely be watching wondering why they’re wasting their time.


What is this movie good for then?  5-7 year olds having a sleepover maybe.  It’s message is sound, there’s nothing really bad about it, and they’ll be entertained, which is why I gave it an extra 1/4 star.  But while it may be enough for some kids, Tooth Fairy is not going to sustain those much over the ‘tooth fairy’ age.


For adults and kids to enjoy, wait for Christmas and watch Elf – a film that made us believe that a guy walking around New York City in an elf costume actually made sense.  This has none of that charm.


Tooth Fairy DVD Review By Nicole

**1/3 (out of 4)

Tooth Fairy is a harmless kids movie about a washed up hockey player, Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson), nicknamed “Tooth Fairy” for his rough moves.  Thompson’s cynical attitude gets him in trouble when he tells his girlfriend’s daughter that tooth fairies and dreams don’t exist.  As a result, he is summoned by the chief fairy (Julie Andrews) to two weeks’ tooth fairy duty.  As a tooth fairy, Thompson begins to care for people other than himself.


As an adult, I found Tooth Fairy a bit tedious.  But there is enough silliness and heart in this movie to keep me engaged.  The best scene is with Billy Crystal as a fairy who specializes in various fairy tools and gadgets.  If you have children in the 4-10 range, then Tooth Fairy is worth a rental.  Tooth Fairy would be perfect to add to the DVD collection at a pediatric dentist’s office.


Tooth Fairy DVD Review By Maureen

** (out of 4)

Seeing a muscular grown-up man like Dwayne Johnson in a pink tutu just sets the tone for what to expect from the movie, Tooth Fairy.  When hockey player Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) expresses his disbelief in the tooth fairy to his girlfriend’s daughter, the head tooth fairy (Julie Andrews) sentences him to a two-week stint as a real tooth fairy.  Thankfully the folks at tooth fairy headquarters are able to correct the pink tutu mix-up and get him outfitted in the more appropriate male version including fairy wings.


While this is a relatively harmless movie, the entertainment value is mainly for children who are still receiving visits from the tooth fairy.  The rest of us can watch it with such children or find something else to watch.  Tooth Fairy is a mildly entertaining DVD to rent if you have tooth fairy age children.


Tooth Fairy DVD Review By Tony

** (out of 4)

The Tooth Fairy is the nickname of minor league hockey enforcer Derek (Dwayne Johnson) whose body checks not only knock out teeth but also manage to shatter inch-thick tempered glass barriers. For spreading disillusionment among young fans and trying to stiff his own daughter for her baby tooth money, he is sentenced for a week to be a real tooth fairy, complete with wings.


As silly as it sounds and totally inoffensive, Tooth Fairy will appeal to the single-digit age crowd, who can watch it without supervision, saving the rest of us from having to sit through it.  There are better choices out there, and certainly ones that are a lot worse.  “The [former] Rock” is charming enough, but aside from a few scenes, mainly near the beginning and end, particularly with Billy Crystal as the fairy gadget master, the film was just too predictable and boring to keep me awake.


Consensus: Although it will be immensely enjoyed by kids who still leave teeth under their pillows, Tooth Fairy, save for a few scenes, is mostly boring when watched by adults. ** (Out of 4)

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