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DVD Review: Nine

May 4, 2010

Nine – An Alliance Films Release

DVD Release Date: April 13th, 2010

Rated PG for mature theme.

Running time: 119 minutes

Rob Marshall (dir.)

Michael Tolkin and Anthony Minghella (screenplay)

Arthur Kopit and Maury Yeston (Broadway musical “Nine”)

Mario Fratti (Broadway musical “Nine” Italian original)

Andrea Guerra (music)

Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini

Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini

Penélope Cruz as Carla

Judi Dench as Lilli

Fergie as Saraghina

Kate Hudson as Stephanie

Nicole Kidman as Claudia

Sophia Loren as Mamma

Artwork © 2009 The Weinstein Company.  All Rights Reserved.  © 2009 Guido Contini Films, LLC. All Rights Reserved.  Distributed exclusively in Canada by Alliance Films.

Special Features include:

• Feature Audio Commentary

• Behind the Look of Nine

• Director Rob Marshall

• The Choreography of “Be Italian”

• The Choreography of “Cinema Italiano”

• The Dancers of Nine

• The Incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis

• The Women of Nine

• Making of “Cinema Italiano”

• “Cinema Italiano” Featuring Kate Hudsom

• “Take It All” Featuring Marion Cotillard

• “Unusual Way” Featuring Griffith Frank

Nine is sold in some stores as a two pack (back-to-back) with the 2008 Sex and the City movie.

Our reviews below:


Nine DVD Review By John C.

*** (out of 4)

Nine is a slick, stylish, sometimes trashy – but usually enjoyable, new musical from Rob Marshall, the director of the superb Chicago.  Following fictional director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis), as he tries to write a script for an already in production film, he struggles with the relationships he has with the woman in his life, and often finds himself imagining them performing seductive dances.

Chicago was a great movie, and one of my all time favourite musicals, Nine is merely a good, but uneven one, made stronger by an impressive cast, some flashy musical numbers, and an interesting storyline inspired by Fellini’s 81/2.  In other words, Nine is not a great movie or musical, but certainly is a fun one to watch on DVD.

The DVD includes a bunch of featurettes, commentary by director Rob Marshall and producer John DeLuca, and 3 music clips.


Nine DVD Review By Erin V.

***1/4 (out of 4)

Unlike Chicago, where key plot points and character turns were all told through song and dance – with different styles for each situation – Nine just kind of tells it’s story with each main character getting a production number to themselves.  They work into, and tell part of the story, but don’t make the same integral blend.  The best number, telling more of the story, is Marion Cotillard’s “Take It All”.  It is no wonder that this was the song that was Oscar nominated.

Nine was also nominated at the Academy Awards for Art Direction, Costume Design, and Best Supporting Actress (Penélope Cruz).  These are some of the reason’s to see this film.  The acting, costumes, choreography, lighting, cinematography – all interesting stuff.  It’s not that this film isn’t technically good, it’s that the story it tells didn’t play out in a way that kept me fully engrossed in it for 2 hours.  With more potential than it hit, Nine could have ended up being the next Chicago, but unfortunately wasn’t.

To conclude, Nine is worth at least renting – it has it’s flaws, but (esp. for musical lovers) is still fun.


Nine DVD Review By Nicole

*** (out of 4)

Based on the Broadway musical, Nine is a fun and entertaining musical movie.  Taking place in 1960, Italy, the film follows Guido, a movie director who just can’t get his newest project off the ground.  His problem is he is juggling too many women in his life, including his wife, his mistress, and his cast of movie stars.  His late mother’s ghost comes back as his conscience now and then, to try to steer him on the right path.  Eventually, Guido realizes the consequences of his actions.

Nine has a great cast, and fun song and dance numbers.  The dances are too sexualized for children or some seniors, but tell the story effectively.  While no where near as good as Chicago, Nine is still a good movie that is worth watching.


Nine DVD Review By Maureen

*** (out of 4)

It’s easy to see why Nine received four academy award nominations.  Director Rob Marshall has put together an all-star cast, dazzling costumes and sets, energetic and provocative song and dance numbers and his image of what it means to “be Italian”.  While Nine doesn’t quite measure up to Marshall’s Oscar winning musical, Chicago, Nine still delivers an entertaining and sexy musical story.

Daniel Day-Lewis is believable as Guido, an Italian film director who is emotionally overwhelmed trying to deal with all the women in his life and get a new film started at the same time.  The musical numbers are partially Guido’s fantasies about the women and partially the women’s point of view about Guido.  The women in his life, Sophia Loren as his late mother, Marion Cotillard as his wife, Luisa, Penélope Cruz as his mistress, Nicole Kidman as the starlet in his films all help to make Nine the glamorous musical that it is.

Those who love musicals of any kind will want to add Nine to their personal collection.  Otherwise this is definitely worth at least a rental to check out what all the hype and Oscar buzz was about regarding Nine.


Nine DVD Review By Tony

*** (out of 4)

We were recently dazzled by director Rob Marshall’s Chicago, so with the writing talent of the late Anthony Minghella behind it, we expected a lot from his new film Nine.  Daniel Day-Lewis plays a filmmaker loosely based on Fellini, about to start a new project in the mid 60s.  As he struggles to come up with a script, he encounters some of the women in his life, both in the present and in flashbacks, with a lot of rather decadent musical and dance numbers thrown in to show them off.  I don’t have room to list all the impressive female talent here.  Let’s just say they generally live up to expectations, supporting a story that just didn’t interest me that much.  In summary, Nine is good, but it’s no Chicago.


Consensus: Though nowhere near as good as Rob Marshall’s Best Picture winning Chicago, if you like musicals, Nine is well made. It’s worth seeing for the acting, choreography, costumes, and music. *** (Out of 4)

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