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DVD Review: It’s Complicated

May 11, 2010

It’s Complicated – A Universal Pictures’ Release

DVD Release Date: April 27th, 2010

Rated PG for sexual content and substance abuse, not recommended for young children

Running time: 120 minutes

Nancy Meyers (dir.)

Nancy Meyers (writer)

Hans Zimmer (music)

Meryl Streep as Jane

Steve Martin as Adam

Alec Baldwin as Jake

John Krasinski as Harley

Our reviews below:


It’s Complicated DVD Review By John C.

***1/2 (out of 4)

In It’s Complicated – the latest from writer/director Nancy Meyers, Meryl Streep plays Jane, a woman who’s life is more than a little bit complicated. Just as Jane starts to develop a rocky affair with her ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), she starts to fall for her architect, Adam (Steve Martin).  Not only does this pose a problem for Jane and Jake, but also for their grown up children.  This is the kind of love triangle where every one involved has their strengths and weaknesses, but each one of them is genuinely likable.  In other words, it’s way more believable, and a heck of a lot better than your average romantic-comedy.

The acting is all equally strong, including the three well-known leads, as well as John Krasinski in a hilarious supporting role as Jane’s future son-in-law.  But what makes It’s Complicated work so well, besides it being utterly hilarious from start to finish, is the fact that Meyers treats her characters with surprising poignancy and believability at every turn.

The DVD includes a making-of featurette, and commentary by writer/director Nancy Meyers.


It’s Complicated DVD Review By Erin V.

***1/2 (out of 4)

It’s Complicated tells the story of Jane (Meryl Streep), a woman who after being divorced for approx. 10 years, finds herself having an affair – with her re-married ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin).  Her 3 young adult children are confused with the way their separated parents are acting, when the whole family comes together for a university graduation.  Then, to complicate things further, Jane starts to fall for her architect, Adam (Steve Martin).

A lot of romantic comedies these days are either overly cynical, downright unbelievable, or just plain disgusting.  They tend to focus on those in their 20’s – 30’s, and rely, more often than not, on a series of one night stands, gross-out gags, and mistakes.  It’s Complicated on the other hand, took its characters seriously and lets them believably sort out the complications they are causing for each other.  The one thing I did find is that the film felt a little long at two hours.  But with the strong casting, the film is enjoyable throughout.

Basically, It’s Complicated is a classic love-triangle story, with lots of humour.  It’s worth seeing at least once, so you could either rent or buy this one.


It’s Complicated DVD Review By Nicole

***1/2 (out of 4)

It’s Complicated is a hilarious romantic comedy about a middle-aged divorced couple, and their affair as a couple again.  Meryl Streep is believable as Jane, a Santa Barbara baker, who, between her and her ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), have three young adult children.  While visiting New York for the university graduation of their son, they rediscover each other one night.  Trouble is, Jake is now married to a much younger woman, who has a five-year old son.  To make things more complicated, Jane starts to fall in love with Adam, a divorced architect (Steve Martin).  What will happen now?

It’s Complicated is well made on so many levels.  The acting is great, and the script writing and story is told in a believable way.  Among the many laugh out loud moments, is a thought-provoking story of how divorce affects families even after the kids have grown.  The young adult kids, two daughters and a son, cherish the family meals that they have missed for so many years.  It’s Complicated shows that in today’s society, relationships, love and families have become too complicated, when it doesn’t have to be that way.  It’s Complicated is a movie worth seeing.


It’s Complicated DVD Review By Maureen

***1/2 (out of 4)

There’s nothing complicated about whether or not It’s Complicated is a good movie.  It’s Complicated is a witty, intelligent, well written and well-acted romantic comedy.  When Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) meet in New York to celebrate their youngest son’s university graduation they are shocked to discover their mutual attraction to one another after being divorced for ten years.  Their wine fuelled affair is complicated by the fact that Jake is married and Jane’s architect, Adam (Steve Martin) has feelings for Jane.

This is a really sweet and funny movie.  There is a wonderful chemistry between Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.  When Jane and Jake reconnect their relationship seems genuine and completely believable and possible.  Steve Martin’s character, Adam, is also very believable and likeable.  This leads to the question, would Jane be better off with Adam?  That where things get complicated.  The ending is believable and brings home the point that, it’s complicated.

Full of humour, romance and excellent acting It’s Complicated reassures viewers that life, love and laughter are still possible after fifty.  It’s Complicated is definitely worth a rental and if you are a fan of any of these fine, veteran actors then you might want to add this one to your personal collection.


It’s Complicated DVD Review By Tony

***1/2 (out of 4)

It’s Complicated is a delightful romantic comedy with a strong cast led by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as Jane and Jake Adler and Steve Martin as Jane’s architect Adam.  Jane and Jake meet at a party in New York ten years after Jake left the 20 year marriage for 20 year old Agness (Lake Bell).  With Agness stuck at home with her (not Jake’s) sick five year old son, the fires are rekindled between Jane and Jake after a few drinks.  Back home in California, Jake keeps the affair going despite Jane’s mixed feelings, while Adam also shows interest in her.  With their two daughters, son and son-in-law looking on, things get quite complicated indeed.

The leads bring the witty script to life with countless little touches that always ring true.  Listen to the choice of songs in the background, and watch for a particularly good use of ichat, for example.  The rest of the cast shares in the fun, especially John Krasinski as the son-in-law, a welcome change from his dumb role in the dreadful Away We Go.  Writer-director Nancy Meyers is on familiar ground here, and takes full advantage of it.


Consensus: Alternatively sweet, romantic and laugh-out-loud hilarious, It’s Complicated also boasts an all-star cast at the top of their game.  This is a hugely enjoyable film, and one very much worth watching. ***1/2 (Out of 4)

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