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DVD Review: The Spy Next Door

May 18, 2010

The Spy Next Door – An Alliance Films Release

DVD Release Date: May 18th, 2010

Rated PG for violence.

Running time: 94 minutes


Brian Levant (dir.)


Jonathan Bernstein (screenplay)

James Greer (screenplay)

Gregory Poirier (screenplay)

Jonathan Bernstein (story)

James Greer (story)


David Newman (music)


Jackie Chan as Bob Ho

Amber Valletta as Gillian

Madeline Carroll as Farren

Will Shadley as Ian

Alina Foley as Nora

Magnús Scheving as Poldark

Billy Ray Cyrus as Colton James

George Lopez as Glaze

Lucas Till as Larry


© Copyright 2009 CBS Films Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Alliance Films. All Rights Reserved.


Special Features include:

• Jackie Chan: Stunt Master and Mentor

• Adventures in Acting with the Kids from The Spy Next Door

• Blooper Reel


Our reviews below:


The Spy Next Door DVD Review By John C.

** (out of 4)

Because her father is in the hospital, Gillian (Amber Valleta) has to leave her three kids under the care of her boyfriend and neighbour Bob Ho (Jackie Chan).  Turns out, he’s not actually a pen salesman as they have been led to believe, and actually a spy on loan from China.


This is a good film for the 6-12 crowd, and though it has nothing on anything Robert Rodriguez could offer, it’s actually mildly entertaining for adults as well.  What makes The Spy Next Door work on some level, despite the genuine stupidity of the whole deal with the insulting Russian villains, is Jackie Chan.  If you are a fan of his incredibly cool fight moves and stunts, then this serves as a saving grace.


The DVD includes two featurettes – one with Jackie Chan, and the other with the kids, as well as a blooper reel.


The Spy Next Door DVD Review By Erin V.

*** (out of 4)

Some movies are just fun.  Especially when you’re nicely surprised by how much you like them.


In The Spy Next Door, Jackie Chan spoofs himself and plays Bob Ho, a secret agent on loan to the CIA from China, who disguises himself as a pen salesman living in Suburbia.  Wanting to finally retire and settle down, he gets in a relationship with the woman next door.  A divorcee with three kids.  Then, predictably, when a family emergency calls her out of town, guess who gets to babysit?  You guessed it – Bob.


So, the movie takes its turn into classic kid-flick territory.  Three kids think mom’s new boyfriend is incredibly boring, but he’s actually a super-cool spy, so they start to get along with him, and help him take down some evil Russian masterminds who don’t seem very evil, instead just acting silly and doing evil laughs whenever they’re on screen.  But you know what?  Because of Jackie Chan’s stunts and charm on screen, it’s fun.


Definitely for kids, this one is worth seeing.  Renting for the 6-12 market, especially for birthday parties and such, will be where this film will have its life on DVD.  This is no Spy Kids, but check it out and you’ll be in for a good, light time.


The Spy Next Door DVD Review By Nicole

*** (out of 4)

The Spy Next Door is a funny, family friendly spy adventure spoof.  Jackie Chan stars as Bob Ho, a CIA agent who is dating a single mother of three unruly children.  The children, believing Bob to be a pen salesman, think he is the world’s most boring person.  When the mother has to leave suddenly on a family emergency, she leaves the kids in Bob’s care.  It isn’t  long before one of the kids accidentally downloads a copy of a secret film from an evil Russian mastermind.  Now, with the kids in danger, Bob must get back to spy duty to protect the kids.


The Spy Next Door could have been just another average kids movie.  Instead, thanks largely in part to Jackie Chan, this movie has a lot of funny moments, as well as a lot of heart.  The villains are appropriately silly, as are all the over the top happenings, but all this works well, as the movie never takes itself seriously.  Rent The Spy Next Door for a light action comedy that the whole family can enjoy.


The Spy Next Door DVD Review By Maureen

**1/2 (out of 4)

The Spy Next Door is a whole lot of family friendly, action-packed fun.  Jackie Chan is his usual high-energy, hilarious self.  Playing Bob Ho, the mild-mannered neighbour/secret agent spy, Chan shows off his comedic timing and trademark martial arts stunts.


The story itself is somewhat silly with Bob Ho needing to step in and babysit his next-door girlfriend’s children for a few days.  They have no idea he is a secret agent so when the Russian bad guys come to call the results are mad cap action spoof fun.


This is the kind of movie the whole family can sit down and enjoy together for movie night.  This is not a thinking movie, just lots of laughs and action-packed fun.  Buy it if you are a Jackie Chan fan.  Otherwise, The Spy Next Door is definitely worth a rental for families.


The Spy Next Door DVD Review By Tony

**1/2 (out of 4)

Jackie Chan is The Spy Next Door. As a former Chinese spy working for the Americans, he is about to retire and settle down with a woman who has three kids that don’t like him.  When their mother is suddenly called away, he agrees to look after them, but his former life catches up with him, dragging the kids into the fray.


The Spy Next Door is a kid-friendly action comedy free of anything scary.  The Russian villains are no more threatening than Boris & Natasha, and the fights are more Three Stooges than James Bond.  However, despite its broad humour it is quite entertaining, mainly due to Jackie Chan’s charm and wonderfully choreographed action scenes.  As a kid’s action film I would rate it well below the first two Spy Kids films for example, but it at least is better than The Tooth Fairy.


Consensus: The Spy Next Door is a fun action flick for kids.  Although not the best in its genre, it is still worth renting if you have kids in the 6-12 range. **1/2 (Out of 4)

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