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Composer Bruno Coulais to Receive Fimucité Green Award Next Month

June 16, 2010

For the first time ever, a film composer is to be honoured for environmental contribution.  For work on such films as Winged Migration, Microcosmos, and most recently, Oceans, Bruno Coulais will receive the Fimucité Green Award from Al Gore’s Climate Project Foundation and the Tenerife International Film Music Festival (Fimucité) on July 9th.  The Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir – conducted by Diego Navarro – will be performing a concert of Coulais’ scores (Oceans, Microcosmos, and Himalaya) during the festival in Spain.

Quickly becoming one of the busiest film composers, Coulais recently had two films with his scores nominated at the Academy Awards this year – both in the Best Animated category.  They were Coraline, and The Secret of Kells.  Additionally, his hauntingly beautiful score for Coraline won as the dark horse at the Annie awards this year – beating out Michael Giacchino’s score for Up, (which later went on to win the Oscar).

His other two recent scores were not for animation, but rather documentaries.  The aforementioned Oceans, as well as the recently released Babies.  As with most of his work, such as in Oceans, his gentle scoring complements the images in a way that adds to the film.

– Erin V.


The festival, Fimucité 4, will take place July 5th – 10th, 2010, in the Canary Islands town of Tenerife.  For more information about the festival, which will also be profiling such artists as Carter Burwell and Bear McCreary, please visit their site, here.  They have an interesting site opening – so bear with it…  The link is correct.

For more information on The Climate Project Spain Foundation – a nonprofit subsidiary of The Climate Project, please visit their site here.

For a previous interview with Bruno Coulais where I spoke to him about his work on Coraline, please click here.

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