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DVD/Blu-Ray Release: Hot Tub Time Machine

June 29, 2010

Today, MGM Home Entertainment is releasing one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Hot Tub Time Machine, on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Although it’s not technically a great movie, and there was even some debate as to what level of good it fell into, it does feature many hilarious “not-proud-I-laughed” moments, and it is well worth your time getting tub’d on DVD.


We reviewed the film when it opened in theatres on March 26th. You can read our reviews here, our overall consensus for the film was:


Hot Tub Time Machine is a surprisingly alright, and very raunchy new comedy.  Though nowhere near as good as The Hangover, it is still funny, sometimes very much so, and is sure to be enjoyed by its target audience. **1/2 (Out of 4)”


The DVD includes both the theatrical and unrated (2-minutes longer) version of the film, as well as almost 12-minutes of deleted scenes.  It is also available to buy as a Blu-Ray/digital copy combo-pack.


-John C.

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