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The Balcony is Closed – Final Thoughts on At The Movies

August 16, 2010

By John C.

I normally wouldn’t devote two articles in a row to the same subject, but all could not have been said before even seeing the final episode.  This is also my shortest weekly column to date – another first.

I was up late last night watching – and taping – the final episode of At The Movies.  Starting with a classic disagreement over Eat Pray Love, a welcome endorsement of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and a more mild disagreement over The Expendables, the first half of the show was the perfect embodiment of the iconic format.

The second half paid tribute to the show’s 35 years of history with classic clips that helped us remember just a few of the many famous moments.  Looking back to the earliest episodes with Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert, the more recent ones with Richard Roeper, and even the ‘Bens,’ it was a trip down memory lane for the many followers of the show.  Finally, Michael & Tony’s sharing of their own memories and thoughts on what the show means to them personally helped us to further appreciate all their great work over the last year.

Touching and straight from the heart, the final episode left me feeling both melancholic and grateful for the many years it’s been on the air.  At The Movies has meant a lot to me for quite some time, and I’m going to miss staying up late on Sunday nights both agreeing and disagreeing with my TV set.  It’s sad to see it go, but the final episode gets a big thumbs up.

You can continue to read all of Michael Phillips reviews for The Chicago Tribune here, and all of A.O. Scott’s reviews for The New York Times here.  Roger Ebert’s reviews still appear in The Chicago Sun Times and can be read online here, and Richard Roeper’s video reviews can be watched here.

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