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Book Review: Casting Revealed – A Guide for Film Directors

February 3, 2011

Released February 2011

Page count: 159 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

Casting Revealed: A Guide for Film Directors

Hester Schell

Published By Michael Wiese Publications


Casting Revealed Book Review By Erin V.

Casting Revealed is a much-needed book for independent filmmakers.  There are so many books out there about directing and writing, e.g., that it’s great to see a book cover this other crucial aspect of getting a film made – how to go about casting the right people.


Written most specifically for directors, I think this book should be read by all members in filmmaking, from producers to the actors themselves.  It gives good insight, and is fairly short and easy to read.


By giving both an overview of the casting process for those new to it, as well as information for those already involved, this will help you to avoid making mistakes and casting the wrong people.  Also included at the back is a short but useful glossary of industry terms, that you should be briefed in if you want to play the game.  Overall, a great book and a must read.


To find out more about Casting Revealed, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.

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