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Book Review: Voiceovers – Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Money With Your Voice

March 3, 2011

Released March 2011

Page count: 378 pages

Size: 7” x 10”

Voiceovers – Everything you need to know about how to make money with your voice

Terri Apple

Published By Michael Wiese Publications


Voiceovers Book Review By Erin V.

Some people aren’t really that aware of just how big this business is – despite hearing the people who work in it everyday.  What made Terri Apple’s Voiceovers really stand out to me, is that although there are more books hitting the market in recent years, there still relatively aren’t a lot specifically about voiceovers and breaking into this competitive market.


Although the book is 378 pages long, it is very informative and easy to read.  With the use of the internet nowadays making it easier to be a voice actor from anywhere, those interested in the field will be glad to have such a comprehensive guide to get them started on the right track.


To find out more about Voiceovers, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.

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