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Book Review: So You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?

June 1, 2011

Released June 2011

Page count: 192 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

So You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?  

Carl King

Published By Michael Wiese Publications


So You’re a Creative Genius… Now What? Book Review By Erin V.

While it won’t be the right book for everyone, Carl King’s writing shows a fresh, individual style that will be welcomed by many creative individuals.  Focusing on creativity in general (whether you’re a musician, writer, etc.) this book talks about everything from getting started, to working well with other creative (and non-creative) individuals.  With the strong message that, ‘if you want to succeed, don’t give up on your dreams’, this is a worthwhile book giving another perspective.

It’s not my personal favourite from recent books I’ve read, with certain sections more relatable than others to me, but everyone likes a different style of writing.  In some ways, it’s almost as though I like a more specific topic book that teaches me about a particular aspect of filmmaking that I wasn’t that aware of much about before.  Maybe it’s also because a lot of the creative ideas were not that new to me.

Granted, don’t let that last paragraph sway your opinion on whether or not to check out this book – it just might be the best thing to help you in your creative career, while some of my favourite books would be utterly boring to you.  Find what works, and best of luck in your future creative endeavors!


To find out more about So You’re a Creative Genius… Now What?, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.

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