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Book Review: My Story Can Beat Up Your Story

June 8, 2011

Released April 2011

Page count: 168 pages

Size: 6” x 9”

My Story Can Beat Up Your Story: Ten Ways to Toughen Up Your Screenplay From Opening Hook to Knockout Punch

Jeffrey Alan Schechter

Published By Michael Wiese Publications


My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! Book Review By Erin V.

Anyone can start writing a script.  About half will finish one.  And only a select few of those with that fresh script under their belt will actually get it from script to screen.  Why?  Because selling a script is like jumping through hoops.  The more things in your favour the better.  My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! will help you to build a strong script that will beat the other hundreds of specs out of the running.  If you want to succeed in the business, you need that script.  To paraphrase what author Jeffrey Alan Schechter says in his introduction to the book, ‘it’s not being a bully – it’s about self-defense.’

For some reason, I enjoy reading about writing.  I’ve read countless screenwriting books – but I find that the ones that actually stick with me give something new to offer.  Some other way at looking at story – and the architecture of piecing one together.  Best read in order, this is one of those books – each chapter builds on the last, and we finish with a new understanding of building not a story, but a story told well.

To finish, there is an interesting appendix at the back that profiles five films, analyzed with the information we’ve learned throughout the book.  The films profiled are Star Wars: A New Hope, The Dark Knight, The Sixth Sense, Liar Liar, and Up.  All good films and an interesting analysis to read.  I’d recommend this one to screenwriters and filmlovers alike.


To find out more about My Story Can Beat Up Your Story!, or other books, visit MWP’s website here.  

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