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Blu-ray Release: Locke

August 12, 2014

Locke Blu-ray

Today, Elevation Pictures is releasing the Sundance hit Locke on Blu-ray.  The film takes place in real time and almost entirely inside a car, as Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) drives across London, answering calls from his family and coworkers at the construction site where he works, slowly having the course of his life and others changed over this one trip.

Although being advertised like a thriller, Locke is in fact more of a quiet character drama, and as that the film is one of the more interesting cinematic experiments of the year.  With haunting music by Dickon Hinchliffe, and some impressive cinematography that finds clever ways to add visual intrigue, the film is ultimately worth seeing for Tom Hardy’s naturalistic and very good performance, which nicely carries the entire story.

The Blu-ray includes commentary with director Steven Knight and a “making of” featurette.

Locke is 84 minutes and rated 14A.

-John Corrado

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