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Criterion Release: All That Jazz

August 26, 2014

All That Jazz Criterion Blu-ray

The 1979 classic All That Jazz is coming to Blu-ray for the first time today, as part of the Criterion Collection.  Based on director Bob Fosse’s own life, the film follows Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider), a film editor and dance choreographer struggling to mount his latest Broadway production, as the abundance of drugs and sex in his life threaten to finally take their toll on his health.

Winning four Oscars and nominated for five more including Best Picture, All That Jazz is a stunning mix of gorgeously captured musical numbers and deeply affective character drama about an artist facing his mortality.  With hypnotic editing and striking camerawork, matched by a positively breathtaking performance from Roy Scheider, All That Jazz looks spectacular on Blu-ray, and this new edition couldn’t come more highly recommended.

The Blu-ray includes commentary with editor Alan Heim, multiple interviews, an episode of the talk show Tomorrow featuring Bob Fosse and choreographer Agnes de Mille, the 2007 documentaries Portrait of a Choreographer and The Soundtrack: Perverting the Standards, and more.  Also included is an essay by critic Hilton Als.

All That Jazz is 123 minutes and rated R.

-John Corrado

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