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TIFF Bell Lightbox Release: Coherence

September 19, 2014

By John Corrado

Coherence Poster

After making a splash at Fantastic Fest last year, D Films is releasing the creative and intelligently written science fiction thriller Coherence at TIFF Bell Lightbox this weekend.  Tickets and showtimes are right here.

The setup for the film is deceptively straight forward.  Eight friends gather at one of their houses for a dinner party, and it’s clear that there are some unresolved issues between them.  But there is also a comet passing dangerously close to the earth, that may have shocking effects on all of their realities, and this is where the inventive twists start to come in.

Two of their iPhones mysteriously break, and the internet goes down.  Then the power shuts out, leaving them in the dark and scrambling for glow sticks.  A few of them decide to go out and explore.  As the night goes on, they start to uncover the true implications of what might be going on, faced with moral dilemmas and paradoxical problems to solve.

The feature debut of director James Ward Byrkit, Coherence is an intriguing puzzle that is worth piecing together, making the most of a small budget and limited locations with plenty of big ideas and thought provoking twists.  This is a smart and entertaining little film that comes together quite nicely, and is worth your time and the conversations you are guaranteed to have leaving the theatre.

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