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Bloor Cinema Release: Last Days in Vietnam

January 16, 2015

By John Corrado

Last Days in Vietnam Poster

Fresh off receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature, the excellent Last Days in Vietnam is opening at the Bloor Cinema this evening, and will be playing there until January 29th.  Tickets and showtimes are right here.

After the resignation of President Nixon, the North Vietnamese Army was gaining ground in Saigon, as the remaining American military forces prepared to withdraw.  Panic ensued in the streets, with many choosing to flee the country.

Despite White House orders to only evacuate their own citizens, a group of fearless soldiers went against the government, and heroically aided in the unsanctioned escape of countless South Vietnamese refugees, smuggling them out through the United States embassy.

This is fascinating stuff, and the fact that director Rory Kennedy has pulled it all together in such a compelling way, is worthy of accolades.  Through candid interviews with many of the real people, we really get a sense of the meticulous planning, logistical struggles and tough moral decisions behind these events.

The film often unfolds like a thriller, taking us through the complex politics of the time.  Brilliantly edited together with gripping archival footage of the dangerous rescue missions, Last Days in Vietnam serves as a thought provoking and thoroughly researched account of these remarkable events, that ends on a moving and poignant note.

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