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The 2015 Great Digital Film Festival

January 29, 2015

By John Corrado

The Great Digital Film Festival

The Great Digital Film Festival is returning to Cineplex theatres tomorrow, and the annual celebration of fan favourites boasts a promising lineup of past blockbusters and genre classics, that will be playing at select locations over the next week.  There are a lot of highlights this year.

The 2015 edition is notable for its inclusion of several double bills, the most literal of them being both volumes of Quentin Tarantino’s epic martial arts saga Kill Bill.  Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens make another great pairing, and Guillermo Del Toro fans can catch both Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth back to back.

This Saturday is seeing a marathon of all five X-Men films, starting with the original trilogy and ending with the two prequels, including First Class and last summer’s Days of Future Past, which should prove a hot ticket for fans of the Marvel series.  The 1940s throwbacks Dick Tracy and The Rocketeer, both cult classics from the early 1990s, make another worthy pairing in terms of both tone and style.

These are all excellent choices to see in theatres, but my top pick this year would actually have to be Blade Runner: The Final Cut.  I recently had a chance to screen the 2007 edit of Ridley Scott’s much talked about science fiction classic on the big screen, and the 1982 film looks and sounds spectacular in a theatre setting, still holding up brilliantly.  All in all, this is a solid lineup of films, that should be a lot of fun for fans to revisit on the big screen.  The full schedule can be found right here.

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