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Blu-ray Release: Into the Woods

March 24, 2015

By John Corrado

Into the Woods Blu-rayToday, Disney is releasing director Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods on Blu-ray.  The musical follows a childless baker (James Cordon) and his wife (Emily Blunt), who must travel into the woods to reverse a longstanding curse that has been placed upon them by the Witch (Meryl Streep), encountering different fairy tale characters along the way.

I was a big fan of Into the Woods, and even saw the film twice in theatres, so obviously I’m recommending the Blu-ray.  Nominated for three Oscars, including Best Supporting Actress for Meryl Streep, this is a darkly beautiful and very entertaining musical, that boasts top notch performances from a dream cast.  My full review is right here.

The Blu-ray includes commentary with Rob Marshall and producer John DeLuca, a four part documentary on the production and two other featurettes.  There’s also an original Stephen Sondheim song performed by Meryl Streep, that was written for but cut from the film.  This is all good stuff.

Into the Woods is 125 minutes and rated PG.

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