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Blu-ray Release: Interstellar

March 31, 2015

By John Corrado

Interstellar Blu-rayParamount is releasing Christopher Nolan’s ambitious science fiction epic Interstellar on Blu-ray today, a must have for fans of the film.  The story follows Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA pilot turned farmer, who is on a literal journey through space and time that might just provide the last hope for our dying planet.

Winning the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, this was one of the most talked about and debated films of 2014.  Although not every element works equally well, Interstellar is still an admirable achievement that never disappoints on a visual level, and the majestic images and thought provoking themes make it an often breathtaking trip that is every bit worth taking for yourself.  My full review is right here.

The Blu-ray boasts over three hours of special features, including numerous featurettes on the production and an extended look at the science behind the film, narrated by Matthew McConaughey.  The package also includes a collectible IMAX film cell from an actual 70mm print, which provides a cool little novelty item.

Interstellar is 168 minutes and rated PG.

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