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Book Review: Film + Video Budgets, 6th Ed.

June 18, 2015

41kROPEeLBL_largeReleased June 1st, 2015
Page count: 365 pages
Size: 6” x 9”

Film + Video Budgets, 6th Ed.

by Maureen A. Ryan

Published By Michael Wiese Productions

To find out more about Film + Video Budgets or other titles, visit MWP’s website here.  

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Film + Video Budgets Review by Erin Corrado

What are line items?  Why are they important?  And how do you make heads or tails of everything in a budget when starting out as a filmmaker?  If these are questions you are wondering, you might want to check out this book.

At close to 400 pages, it may seem intimidatingly long at first, but it’s really not.  The first five chapters give us the overview we need to read and understand a budget, and then by 196 pages in, the book moves into chapter six – aptly titled ‘Sample Budgets for Specific Projects’.  These are not intended to be copied for your project (there are blank budget sheets you can download when you buy the book), but are really for reference.  From $1 million+ features, all the way down to documentaries, industrial films, and student shorts, the samples are useful as an example of how to budget different types of media production, even if the actual dollar figures are different from your own.

This 6th edition of the hugely successful book Film + Video Budgets is written by Maureen A. Ryan (author of Producer to Producer).  I’d read the 5th a few years back and was refreshed by the amount of information easily provided.  But times change and information in the world of film is out of date in an instant, which brings us to this much needed updated manual to budgeting.  For those just starting out or already involved in the independent world of filmmaking, this is a manual you’ll want to have by your side as you set up your production.

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