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Digital Release: It Follows

July 14, 2015

By John Corrado

It Follows PosterThis week, Mongrel Media is releasing the recent surprise horror hit It Follows on all home entertainment platforms, including iTunes.  After having sex with her boyfriend (Jake Weary), 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) becomes infected by a mysterious supernatural entity, leaving her plagued with disturbing visions of people chasing her, that can only be stopped by having sex with someone else and passing it on, like a disease.

Through spectacular cinematography, including some inventive uses of tracking shots and long takes, and ambient music by Disasterpeace that helps amp up the tension throughout, It Follows has style to spare.  Director David Robert Mitchell does an impressive job of balancing this palpable sense of atmosphere, with haunting symbolism and intriguing themes of teen sexuality, that are sure to be discussed long after the credits roll.

Relying on genuine suspense and carefully timed jump moments, instead of gratuitous violence and gore, It Follows is a smart horror film that delivers only the best aspects of the genre, to become a cult classic in its own right.  The excellent performances, coupled with refreshingly naturalistic characters and dialogue, allow it to play like an authentic teen film, and the autumn setting and 1980s vibe that runs throughout is incredibly enjoyable to watch, adding a nice feeling of nostalgia to the proceedings.

From the foreboding opening scenes to the much debated final images, we are never entirely sure what the title threat really is, and that’s exactly what makes It Follows so gripping and affective.  This is a strikingly well crafted thriller that provokes as much conversation as it does tension and scares.

It Follows is 100 minutes and rated 14A.

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