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Review: Before We Go

September 4, 2015

By John Corrado

★★ (out of 4)

Before We Go PosterPerhaps the most interesting thing that could be said about Before We Go, the directorial debut of Chris Evans, is that nobody would have expected the actor behind Captain America to make such a corny and predictable romance.

After Brooke (Alice Eve) misses the last train of the night at Grand Central Station, she meets struggling busker Nick (Chris Evans).  The two of them spend the night together, trying to find her stolen purse and scrounge up enough money for her to get home.  But the reasons that are slowly revealed for why they are spending the night out aren’t very interesting, and the ensuing romance between them similarly isn’t overly compelling.

With a sappy and contrived screenplay, which borrows liberally from the superior romantic classic Before Sunrise, Before We Go feels surprisingly amateurish at times, and will likely seem much more at home on demand.  But I guest this isn’t overly shocking, because behind his movie star persona, Chris Evans really is just a first time filmmaker still trying to find his way behind the camera.

Chris Evans and Alice Eve do make a pair of likeable and charming romantic leads, and the pleasant performances of these attractive stars can keep this otherwise very mediocre film at least somewhat watchable.  But Before We Go was one of the most disappointing films of last year’s TIFF, and there’s subsequently no real reason to make time for it before this year’s festival starts next week.

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