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Review: Transfixed

April 15, 2016

By John Corrado

★★★½ (out of 4)

Transfixed PosterMartine Stonehouse is a celebrated transgender activist living on the autism spectrum in Toronto, who is struggling to complete her gender confirmation surgery before marrying her longtime partner John Gelman, a straight man who is also on the autism spectrum, and wants to have a partner with female genitalia.

Because of her weight problem, there are greater risks involved in the surgery, and in order for Martine to “get a vagina” as John so bluntly puts it, they are left battling the Canadian healthcare system and facing financial troubles that could prevent them from having the wedding of their dreams.

Both unflinchingly honest and often disarmingly entertaining, the title of Transfixed perfectly describes how I felt watching the film, which blasts down stereotypes in all the best ways and was one of my favourites from last year’s Inside Out Film Festival.

Martine Stonehouse makes for an inspiring and truly remarkable subject, and director Alon Kol has crafted an intimate and incredibly engaging portrait of her life, built around a moving and completely charming romance that’s as unconventional as it is universally relatable.

Transfixed is now playing in limited release at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

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