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Review: Lolo

June 3, 2016

By John Corrado

★ (out of 4)

Lolo PosterAlthough Lolo, the worst movie I saw at TIFF last year, sets itself up as a romantic comedy, this disappointing latest from writer-director-star Julie Delpy is too broad in its comedy, and further letdown by a misjudged undercurrent of creepiness.

When divorced single mother and socialite Violette (Julie Delpy) has a one night stand with common man Jean-Rene (Dany Boon) in the countryside, they start dating and their relationship takes them both back to Paris.

But her possessive and overly attached young adult son Lolo (Vincent Lacoste), whom she still affectionately refers to as “Honeybun,” gets severely jealous of the new man.  So Lolo starts doing everything in his power to disrupt their relationship, from itching powder to tranquilizers and even cyber terrorism, so that he can continue living alone with his “Mommykins.”

This is a premise ripe for pitch black comedy, but the often silly physical humour and more saccharine romantic moments also suggest that the film isn’t really committed to being dark, with the story often feeling like a tone deaf copy of the superior dramedy Cyrus.  As the title character becomes increasingly sociopathic, there is a mean spiritedness to Lolo, and even the usual charms of Julie Delpy and Dany Boon, as well as a few witty lines of dialogue, aren’t able to overcome the film’s obnoxious and often uncomfortable nasty streak.  This is a disappointing missed opportunity, that is almost shockingly insufferable to watch considering the talent involved.

Lolo is now playing in limited release at Famous Players Canada Square in Toronto.

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