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DVD Review: Goat

December 20, 2016

By John Corrado

★★★ (out of 4)

goat-dvdStill recovering from being brutal assaulted and robbed, Brad (Ben Schnetzer) goes to college, hoping to start a new chapter of his life.  But when his older brother Brett (Nick Jonas) convinces him to join his fraternity, Brad faces a whole new level of pain and humiliation as the pledging rituals become increasingly horrifying and torturous, leading to real consequences.

Although Goat is often purposefully uncomfortable to watch, and its thought provoking messages could sadly be lost on audiences who just see it as a party flick, the film is worth seeing for mature audiences who can handle the material.  The film doesn’t shy away from showing the depravity of hazing, with the film’s name referring to the degrading nickname given to the pledges, and the poor animal that becomes part of their disturbing rituals.

The initiation sequences depict this abuse in gruelling detail, with the students being yelled at as they are forced to crawl through mud, consume alcohol to the point of sickness, and get urinated on as punishment.  The result is a tough and uncompromising look at the toxic masculinity of fraternity culture that provides an intense viewing experience, carried by excellent performances from Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas and the rest of the fearless young cast.

The DVD includes no bonus features.

Goat is a Paramount Home Media Distribution release.  It’s 102 minutes and rated 18A.

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