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Blu-ray Review: Annihilation

May 29, 2018

By John Corrado

One of the more interesting films to come out so far this year, Alex Garland’s Annihilation is being released on Blu-ray today.  The film follows Lena (Natalie Portman), an ex-soldier turned biology professor who, after her husband (Oscar Isaac) returns permanently changed, goes to explore a strange phenomenon called The Shimmer, a quarantined area where genomes are rapidly mutating.

Following his provocative directorial debut Ex Machina in 2015, Annihilation is another unique work of science fiction from Alex Garland, that challenges us with its heady themes and ever shifting tone.  While it’s a shame that more people didn’t see this one in theatres, it will hopefully be able to attract more of an audience on Blu-ray.  For more on the film itself, you can read my full review right here.

The Blu-ray also includes a selection of six featurettes divided into three segments; Part 1 – Southern Reach, Part 2 – Area X, and Part 3 – To the Lighthouse.  There’s over an hour of bonus material in total, and together these featurettes provide a thorough overview of the entire production, from adapting Jeff VanderMeer’s novel for the screen, to the strong female cast and characters, and finally the film’s impressive and sometimes terrifying visual effects.

Annihilation is a Paramount Home Media Distribution release.  It’s 115 minutes and rated 18A.

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