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Blu-ray Review: Shazam!

July 16, 2019

By John Corrado

This week, Warner Bros. is releasing their superhero hit Shazam! on Blu-ray, a film that injects a much needed jolt of energy into the DC Extended Universe, and remains one of the most flat-out entertaining movies of the year so far.

The story of a 14-year-old foster kid named Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who gains powers that let him to turn into an adult-sized superhero (Zachary Levi), this is a comic book movie with shades of Big that is honestly just so much fun to watch. It’s built around a super charming performance by Levi, and for more on the film itself, you can read my full review right here.

The Blu-ray also comes with a good selection of bonus material, starting with the short motion comic Superhero Hooky. This is followed by The Magical World of Shazam!, a nearly half-hour featurette that offers a fairly in-depth look at the making of the film, from the casting of Levi, to the use of practical and digital effects, the incredible stunt work, and the frigid temperatures that the cast and crew faced while shooting the film in Toronto during the wintertime; and Super Fun Zac, a shorter piece that focuses on Levi’s energetic performance.

Next up we have close to forty minutes of deleted and alternate scenes, (including Wizard Prologue; Alternate Beginning; Billy on the Subway; Alternate Intro to Group House; Alternate Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siviana Interviews; Billy Sneaks Out; New School With Darla; Siviana Christmas Party; Shazam and Darla Tea Party; Alternate Lighting With My Hands; Additional Montage Beats; Freddy Hung From Locker; Alternate Carnival Fight; Freddy Flies by Airplane; Family on Thrones; Alternate Ending Family Beats), which are viewable with and without intros by director David F. Sandberg.

Rounding out the bonuses are an amusing gag reel, and three additional featurettes. First up, Who is Shazam? offers a look at the character’s history over the years, having first been introduced in comics in the 1940s under the name Captain Marvel; Carnival Scene Study offers an enjoyable behind the scenes look at what went into bringing the film’s gigantic climax to life; and finally Shazamily Values offers a brief look at the kid characters and their adult counterparts. The set comes packaged with a cardboard slipcover that has a really cool lenticular image on the front, making it appear as if Billy transforms into Shazam depending on the angle that you look at it.

Shazam! is a Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release. It’s 132 minutes and rated PG.

Street Date: July 16th, 2019

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