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Disney+ Review: Us Again

March 4, 2021

By John Corrado

★★★½ (out of 4)

An elderly couple gets a chance to relive their youth over one magical night in Us Again, a charming and poignant new short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It will be playing in theatres in front of Raya and the Last Dragon starting this weekend, before being released on Disney Plus in June.

Written and directed by Disney animator Zach Parrish, Us Again is set in a bustling city that recalls a musical version of New York, where everyone dances through the streets. In an apartment, an elderly man sits in his chair not wanting to move, until his wife convinces him to get up and they are transported back to their youth through the power of dance.

One of the main selling points of this wordless, beautifully animated short is the dance choreography by World of Dance champions Keone and Mari Madrid, and it is quite impressive to watch their movements be translated into animation. It’s all set to the energetic, toe-tapping beat of composer Pinar Toprak’s musical score, which shifts from upbeat to slightly melancholy depending on the moment.

On a visual level, Us Again is quite eye-popping, with the neon lights of this fully realized city popping in the background. The latter part of the short film takes place at night in the rain, and the water droplets and puddles on the street look amazing. Parrish is able to pack an impressive amount of feeling into a mere seven minutes, and the short will no doubt leave a lot of viewers feeling a bit choked up. With a tone that is both joyous and touching, Us Again is an absolute delight to watch.

Us Again will be playing in theatres before Raya and the Last Dragon as of March 5th, and will be available to stream on Disney+ in June.

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