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Promising Young Woman is Now Available on Blu-ray and Digital

March 17, 2021

By John Corrado

Emerald Fennell’s feature directorial debut Promising Young Woman was one of the best movies of 2020, and if you have yet to see it, this is your chance. The film is now available for rent and purchase on Digital platforms, and has just been released on Blu-ray this week.

The film not only landed a spot on my own top ten list for the year, but was also just nominated for a grand total of five Oscars including Best Picture, along with much deserved nominations for Fennell in Best Director and star Carey Mulligan in Best Actress.

Mulligan stars in the film as Cassie, the titular “promising young woman” who had her life derailed by a tragic event while she was in medical school, and now spends her nights pretending to be drunk at bars to get revenge on the guys who try to take advantage of her. The film uses this premise to take us on an unpredictable and viciously entertaining ride that melds together elements of dark comedy, character drama and revenge thriller.

The film is bolstered by superb direction by Fennell, who shows a strong sense of style, and a brilliant turn by Mulligan, who has become the Oscar-frontrunner. This is a film that I’m really glad has found an audience and become an Oscar contender, (it also got crucial nominations for screenplay and editing), as it’s very exciting to see the Academy recognizing work like this. For more on the film itself, you can read my full 3.5-star review of Promising Young Woman right here.

The Blu-ray comes with a variety of bonus features that are also available on select Digital platforms, including the three short featurettes A Promising Vision, Two-Sided Transformation and Balancing Act, as well as a feature commentary track with writer/director Fennell.

Promising Young Woman is now available on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray. It’s a Universal Pictures Home Entertainment release.

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