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The Father is Now Playing in Select Theatres, and On Demand as of March 26th

March 19, 2021

By John Corrado

Florian Zeller’s The Father, which the writer/director adapted from his own stage play of the same name, was among the best movies that I saw at TIFF in 2020, and it has just been lauded with six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Now more audiences will finally get a chance to see this film, as The Father is being released in select Canadian theatres today, and will be available across all Digital and VOD platforms as of March 26th.

The film centres around an elderly man (Anthony Hopkins) with dementia who refuses to leave his London flat, as his daughter (Olivia Colman) increasingly struggles to care for him. Zeller’s approach to telling this story is what really makes the film stand out, as he employs a fractured narrative and keeps changing the physical set, to simulate the feeling of confusion.

Hopkins received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for the role, with Colman getting nominated for Best Supporting Actress, and their powerful acting is the backbone of the film. Hopkins is devastatingly good here as he believably portrays someone progressing through the stages of dementia, with his confusion often being met with agitation. This is maybe the best performance of his career, and yes, I am fully aware of how big of a statement that is.

The film also received much deserved Oscar nominations for its editing and production design, which are both integral parts of the film, as Zeller powerfully uses them to really put us inside the mind of someone with dementia. The result is an incredibly impactful experience that resonates deeply. For more on the film itself, you can read my 3.5-star review of The Father from TIFF right here.

The Father is being distributed in Canada by Elevation Pictures.

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